Emil Baehr

Employing simple practices to build digital products.

Employing simple practices to build digital products.

My name is Emil, and I design and build digital products. I’ve worked professionally in the industry since 2008, making products for mobile, desktop and web. I think the best digital products solve complex problems in simple ways by making clever use of the unique qualities of computers.

I began my career developing for the iPhone back in 2008 when the original iPhone App Store launched. I designed, programmed and published my first iPhone app, TallyTapper, a simple tally counter marketed under the slogan: »If you use your creativity, it can be the most useful app on the App Store ever!«

Since then I’ve been building apps and digital products for a variety of companies, including Robocat Apps, Insane Logic, Northplay and most recently Shortcut.

I hold a MSc in Software Engineering from the IT University of Copenhagen.

I have a few principles for building digital products

    Think computationally. Put the computer to use. Don’t make an app just to make an app. Make something that can only be done in the form of an app.

    Keep it simple. It’s OK to build complex products, but make them feel simple at the surface.

    Be structured. Sometimes creativity comes out of chaos, but a lot of times creativity is the product of a structured approach.

    Do research. Employ the right research methods to understand and research the problem you’re solving.

    Iterate. No amount of research can predict every outcome. Build, test and iterate.